Monday, 14 April 2014

Status report, sergeant...

Bucky Barnes - wip
 So, I've been locked in mortal combat with this torso all day. At least there is a teeny, tiny bit of progress. The main one being that I didn't tear my big anatomy book to pieces in sheer aggravation. Lucky for me that I live with quite possible the most understanding person in the known universe.
Says I - 'I've got to go and battle this torso.'
Says he - 'I'll kill some pirates then.'
About an hour later his pirate is drunk and I'm painting like a drunk... Everyone's happy ;-)
And so the battle continues...


  1. Oh my god this is so beautifully made... I just found your art by accident. Do you have another gallery than here where I could follow you, like a deviantArt or a tumblr ?

    Again, this drawing is stunning !

  2. Okay I just looked at your links, never mind, I typed before really looking at your blog. Sorry !

    1. Hey, no probs :-) The links are a bit dark, not the most visible imaginable. I'm so happy you like my work. Thank you :-)

    With what exactly do you draw it? And did you learn it by yourself?
    Your drawings are so amazing, i really want to try like you draw!

  4. Firstly, thank you very much. I'm glad you like it.
    Secondly, I did do an animation degree where I did lots of drawing and a little bit of traditional painting which I didn't like very much. Later I was introduced to Photoshop and Wacom tablets by a friend and that's how I paint now. I am mainly self taught in digital painting, I haven't been on any courses or taken classes to learn how to do it. But I do look at tutorials on-line or e.g. from the Gnomon workshop to help me learn. But really it's just me sitting by the computer and playing around, having fun or getting frustrated ;-)